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HemaClear® is sterile and widely used to create a bloodless surgical field, with over 800,000 procedures performed worldwide.
It has an outstanding safety track record.

EED™ – A Specialized Medical Device for Emergency Medicine

OHK Medical Devices recently launched its EED™ Product Line for use in Emergency Medicine, where it auto-transfuses a patient’s own blood from the limbs into central circulation, during severe shock and during CPR.

The EED™ is intended for treatment of patients with very low blood pressure (<80 mm Hg) due to shock or cardiac arrest.

When the EED™ is applied to the legs it shifts >500 cc of blood from each leg (total of > 1 liter) into central circulation within a few seconds. The EED™ also blocks the flow of blood into the legs. It can be safely kept on the patient for 120 minutes.

This shifting of blood is equivalent to “auto-transfusion” of the patient’s own fresh blood, which:

  • Raises blood pressure
  • Increases cardiac output
  • Directs blood to the essential organs (brain, heart)

The EED™ is intended for emergency medical treatment in the following scenarios:

Massive Bleeding

In cases where massive bleeding causes a patient’s systolic blood pressure to fall below 70-80 (<80 mm Hg), the EED™ Device can be used to squeeze limbs, pushing blood into the central circulation system.


  • Blood pressure rises to required levels, thus preventing or delaying irreversible brain damage.
  • The Isolation of limb/s results in a reduced surface area to which the heart struggles to pump blood.

Cardiac Arrest

In cases of cardiac arrest it is often very difficult or impossible to perform CPR on a patient whose heart (pump) is emptied of blood. While using the EED™, blood is pumped to the heart, which now filled, can participate in the resuscitation process.

Target Markets for EED™

  • Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Armed Services
  • Personal Use in First Aid Kits
  • Next to AEDs (Automatic Electro-Defibrilators) in public spaces

For additional information see EmergencyEED.com

EED™ Additional Uses

  • Severe hypovolemic shock (systolic blood pressure below 80 mm Hg and signs of reduced cerebral blood flow)
  • Septic shock
  • Anaphylactic shock
  • Arterial tourniquet (in limb injury, profound bleeding, and amputation)
EED Tourniquet
EED Tourniquet

Applying an EED™

Removal of EED™

Applying EED™

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